About Mam Kai Bae Resort

Promotion: We will provide you with a discount of 10% for room rates if you are booking  7 nights and 15% discount if your stay is more than 14 nights. (1 May 2016 to 30 September 2017 )

The Mam Kai Bae Resort is a low price hotel with high comfort and located on the very south of the “Kai Bae” beach, just before the road climb up to the hill and vew point. Everybody on the island knows the resort “Mam-Kai-Bae” as the resort have a great repuation about special cheap prices for high quality accommodation by all Koh Chang hotels………

The most fair prices for accommodation in Ko Chang especially beside the kai bae hotels and resorts.

Ko Chang (alias Koh Chang)

The perfect destination and cheap accommodation beside all kai bae resorts, for travellers who want to hide away under the beautiful sun and sea.  Ko Chang has all the words of mouth for those who want to spend their holidays in the mountain trekking and the sea snorkelling. Pack your belongings and visit Ko Chang with your family for your next holidays.  Ko Chang will impress you and you will never come only once.


On the top of our hotel and main building, we provide you with our new pool. Enjoy the great view, from far above, over the beach, the sea and the near islands.


Our beach, just near aur restaurant with the view to the islands.

Relax and enjoy our great environment. We are sure you will love it….! Ready for swimming……..?